Pleated Patio Systems

Patio blinds are ideal under polycarbonate or glass roofs which often heat up to unbearable temperatures in Melbourne’s warmer months.

A popular option is a pleated concertina awning that extends via tracks fitted to your existing structure. It can be operated via a pull stick, a cord drawn operation or a motor.

As no job is ever the same, we can customise your overhead structure to carry the patio shade if required.

We are able to source and manufacture all custom fittings for your particular installation. All our systems are available in a wide variety of colours, fabrics and styles.

Two manufacturer systems we recommend are ‘Pleated Pergola Shades’ by Shade Industries or ‘Horizon Shade System’ by Horizon.

For example, fabric choices are:

  • acrylic canvas – being sunproof and water resistant, it is a popular choice
  • shade mesh – reduces glare and does not hold water
  • solid PVC – waterproof and heavy duty

With our long industry experience, we can design and install the best solution for your location.

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Manufacturers Of Pleated Patio Systems

Below, we list some manufacturers whose pleated patio systems we have used very successfully in various applications. Click on the manufacturer links below for more information.

Manufacturer Comparison

PricingMid RangeMid Range
QualityMid - High RangeMid Range
Weather ResistanceMid - High RangeMid - High Range
Design & RefinementMid - High RangeEntry - Mid Range

Solare Praesidio

The Solare brand is the newest kid on the block whos primal focus is on Australian made. Every Blind or awning is locally designed, locally made and locally manufactured. With nothing imported the Solare brand is here to make a statement and provide Australians with a home grown, home made high quality Blind and Awnings.

  • Pricing: Mid range
  • Quality: Mid - high range
  • Weather Resistance: Mid - high range
  • Design & Refinement Mid - high range

Some information about their products as shown below.

Solare Praesidio

The Solare Praesidio pleated patio shade system is a concertina style awning that is designed to extend under a pergola, glass roof or any overhead structure that requires shade or to simply dress the space and create ambience with a soft feel pleated system to disguise any hard lines.

The Solare Praesidio is sometimes known as the Pleated patio shade or suspended shade.

They are fully custom made to suit any size up to 5775mm wide and projections up to 6500 mm.

With a wide variety of fabrics to choose from this Pleated shade system can be made with either tight pleats pulling out flat when extended or with fuller pleats to create a warm designer feel for more elegant results when ambience is the brief.

The depth of the pleats are fully customisable to suit each space. The more crossbars that are integrated means a lesser pleat depth result. This can be an important factor when considering the stacking height when retracted to clear an obstructions like doors, windows or light fittings.

With a full powder coat colour range available you can apply that perfect tone for seamless integration to your area.

Its operation is simple as the crossbars glide effortlessly along tracks with a basic network of cords and pulleys which are hand drawn or a simple pull stick operation is also optional.

Motorisation is an option for some installations which can allow for smart phone and voice control with modern devices like Alexa and Siri.


An Australian distributor of fine BAT products from Italy, Global Awning accessories are a house hold name in the Australian awning industry. Having a wide variety of external products catering for multiple aspects and retractable designs Global have terrific range of Blinds to suit most outdoor area enclosures.

  • Pricing: Mid range
  • Quality: Mid range
  • Weather Resistance: Mid - high range
  • Design & Refinement Entry - mid range

Some information about their products as shown below.


The Pacchetto is a motorised belt driven pleated patio system designed to cover vast expanses swiftly. Italian designed and engineered it creates shade or rain protection at the touch of a button.

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