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Patio Blinds in Melbourne

Patio blinds are ideal under polycarbonate or glass roofs which often heat up to unbearable temperatures in Melbourne's the warmer months.

A popular option is a pleated concertina awning that extends via tracks fitted to your existing structure. It can be operated via a pull stick, a cord drawn operation or a motor.

We can customize the overhead structure to carry the patio shade tracks if required.

As endorsed suppliers and wholesale manufacturers, we are able to source or manufacture any custom fittings we need for your particular installation.

Two manufacturer systems we recommend are 'Pleated Pergola Shades' by Shade Industries or 'Horizon Shade System' by Horizon. Each system is available in a wide variety of colours, fabrics and styles.

For example, fabric choices are:

  • acrylic canvas - being sunproof and water resistant, it is a popular choice
  • shade mesh - reduces glare and does not hold water
  • solid PVC - waterproof and heavy duty

However, there are a large number of manufacturers in our industry ensuring there is a wide range of options available for most awning applications.

With our long industry experience, we can design and install the best solution for your location.

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We are experts in 'customised works' within the blind and awnings industry. Many competitors regularly use our service for shade solutions and advice for their own projects.

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In this section we list some manufacturers whose products we have used very successfully in various applications.

Under each tab, we have included downloadable pdfs of the products for your information. In some cases there are also videos.

However, browsing the large number of options can be confusing.

We can help you choose.

Just give us a ring on 03 9775 1726 and use our extensive experience to help you get the perfect result for your project.

Pleated Patio Shade

The Pleated patio shade makes a great addition to any external pergola or patio area. The patio shade is a concertina awning that extends via tracks fitted to your existing structure and is operated via a pull stick, cord drawn operation or motorization.

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The Pacchetto is a motorised belt driven pleated patio system designed to cover vast expanses swiftly. Italian designed and engineered it creates shade or rain protection at the touch of a button.

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