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Cellular / Honeycomb Collection

Revolutionalise Your Home With Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds, also known as honeycomb blinds, are made with high quality, beautiful window covering fabrics that are shaped into a unique cellular design. This design allows the blinds to provide added energy efficiency, and is only one among many features that make honeycomb blinds the superior choice in window coverings. We offer a revolutionary range of cellular fabrics that gives you the perfect balance of style and function.

Achieve Your Energy-Saving Goals with Honeycomb Blinds

Want to save up to 32% on your heating costs? Then these honeycomb / cellular blinds are the perfect choice. Cellular shade fabric is designed with a unique honeycomb shape that creates pockets of energy-saving insulation.

This will help prevent heat energy from entering or leaving your home through your windows, improving energy efficiency and reducing your heating and cooling costs in both winter and summer.

Another amazing feature of cellular blinds is that they can be operated using cordless lifting systems. This not only improves ease of use, but also ensures that there are no cords that could pose potential hazards for children.

When it comes to safety and energy efficiency, you can’t go wrong with Hunter Douglas' honeycomb blinds.

Operating Options


Traditional operation featuring a cord locking mechanism to control the position of the shade.


  • Slimline headrail
  • Available with all design options


Continuous cord loop system to raise or lower large shades.


  • Light and smooth handling for larger blinds
  • Spring loaded cord tensioner keeping cords neatly out of the way
  • Child safe as prevents hazards from loose cords


Cordless lifting system for raising and lowering at the touch of a finger, the ultimate in child safety.


  • Ultimate choice for Child Safety
  • Easy & smooth handling
  • Clean, modern look with no cords


Effortless operation at the press of a button. Motorising blinds is the perfect way to ensure child safety considerations are upheld.


  • Ultimate choice for Child Safety
  • Can operate larger spanning blinds
  • Clean, modern look with no cords

Design Options

The final step of selecting your cellular / Honeycomb shade is to choose a design option.

Top-Down (TD)

Shade lowers from the top.

  • CordLock

Bottom-Up (BU)

Shade raises from the bottom.

  • CordLock
  • EasyRise
  • LiteRise
  • Motorised
  • Skylight

Duo-Lite (DL)

One shade combining two fabric opacities.

  • CordLock
  • EasyRise
  • LiteRise

Top-Down/Bottom-Up (TD/BU)

Shade can be adjusted from both top and bottom.

  • CordLock
  • EasyRise
  • LiteRise

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