Glass Roof Blinds

Having a glass roof or atrium is great in the winter months letting in lots of winter sun, but when it heats up often rooms underneath become intolerable.

Undercover Blinds atrium shades allow you to extend a motorised, highly tensioned fabric over your glass roof area to block the sun’s rays. At the push of a button you’re in the shade making your air conditioner more efficient and helps ease the fading of furnishings.

With the option of sun sensors, timers and wind sensors, you can be sure your area will be covered and protected around the clock, automatically.

Glass roof blinds can have many fabrics from full blockout material to see-through materials of varying blockout percentages.

We can also integrate the technology into your c-bus or smart home if required. You can extend your awnings over your area when you’re not home via an iPad or mobile device!

Undercover Blinds has a commitment to distributing only high quality products. Our glass roof blinds come with a great guarantee supported by the manufacturers in Germany and Italy. Information on two market leading products is shown below.

We often customise glass roof blinds & awnings to fit special and unusual shaped windows, so give us a call today on 03 9775 1726. We might be able to solve that odd shaped area you’ve been thinking of!

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Manufacturers Of Glass Roof Blinds

Below, we list some manufacturers whose glass roof blinds we have used very successfully in various applications. Click on the manufacturer links below for more information.

Manufacturer Comparison

PricingHigh RangeMid RangeHigh - Mid Range
QualityHigh RangeMid RangeHigh - Mid Range
Weather ResistanceVery HighMid RangeMid Range


Simply the best. When price is no object and our client just wants the best ….. Weinor.

Completely made in Germany this high end range of stunning awnings is utterly impressive. Design awards, industry awards and our experienced eyes are the recommendations you need to step up to the design sensitive Weinor range. Check out our stunning display of this unique range.

  • Pricing: High range
  • Quality: High range
  • Weather Resistance: Very high

Some information about their products as shown below.


The WGM conservatory awning is the all-rounder of the conservatory range. Ideally suited to complement glass conservatory’s, pergolas and patios.

Designed to protect against overheating, thus contributing to a pleasant atmosphere.

With a stylish slimline profile and discrete fixings available in a range of frame colors and fabrics to suit.

Sotezza II

The elegant, attractive Sottezza II conservatory awning is used beneath the patio roof. The awning fabric will therefore come into its own, remain permanently attractive and the patio will have a cosier feeling. At the same time, it provides effective glare protection. As an under-mounted awning, the Sottezza II is especially suitable for patio roofs and conservatories, which guarantee an adequate air circulation and thus avert the formation of high temperatures due to their construction.


An Australian distributor of fine BAT products from Italy, Global Awning Accessories are a house hold name in the Australian awning industry. Having a wide variety of external products catering for multiple aspects and retractable designs Global have 6 models of folding arm awnings in their range.

  • Pricing: Mid range
  • Quality: Mid range
  • Weather Resistance: Mid range

Some information about their products as shown below.


Giotto is the latest fabric tension system from Europe designed to be installed over glass roofs or pergolas.


The Global-Glider is a fully tensioned screen system from Europe designed for skylights and windows.


German made with a full TUV certification on its full range Aluxor is and always has been synonymous with quality.

They use only high quality components in fabrication and each product has been thoroughly tested prior to release to the Australian market. We are proud of the extensive experience we have with Aluxor products and we fabricate them in house on our premises.

  • Pricing: High - mid range / High range
  • Quality: High - mid range
  • Weather Resistance: Mid range

Some information about their products as shown below.


These awnings are specially designed for mounting above glass roofs or on top of pergolas. Designed to stop the heat before reaching the glass or area beneath the Sundream via motorisation runs along aluminium side tracks and retracts into a fully cassetted headbox to keep the fabric and mechanics out of the weather. The finest of German engineering will ensure your Sundream lives on for years and years. We have reclothed Sundreams that are in their 30th year of operation!

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