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Folding Arm Awnings in Melbourne

Folding Arm Awnings provide protection from the sun and rain and retract neatly out of the way when not required leaving no unsightly structure. They are a modern alternative to a permanent structure and are suitable for both home and commercial applications.

The awnings maximize the sun when you need it in the winter months and make a great feature to any courtyard, balcony, deck or seating area.

All our folding arm awnings are custom made. They can be built in sizes up to 18 meters wide and 5 meters in projection.

Because of a wide variety of fixing brackets, an awning can be installed in a wide range of situations. They also have a variable pitch control option so you can alter the angle (height) at any time to suit your requirements.

These awnings can be motorized or manually operated. They can also be installed with motion sensors, wind sensors, sun sensors, timers or connection to c-bus to make your system fully automated.

With the large number of manufacturers in our industry, there is a wide range of options available for most awning applications. Some of the products we use in folding arm awning installations are listed in the tabbed section of the right hand column.

Benefit from our long industry experience. Let us design and install the best awnings solution for your location. We service all Melbourne suburbs.

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We are experts in 'customised works' within the blind and awnings industry. Many competitors regularly use our service for shade solutions and advice for their own projects.

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Browse Folding Arm Awning Options

In this section we list some manufacturers whose retractable awnings we have used very successfully in various applications.

Under each tab, we have included downloadable pdfs of the products for your information. In some cases there are also videos.

However, browsing the large number of options can be confusing.

We can help you choose.

Just give us a ring on 03 9775 1726 and use our extensive experience to help you get the perfect result for your folding arm awnings project.


The Aluxor Eco is a classical awning that protects against the sun or light rain as well as creating a cosy and private ambience. Ideal for patios, verandahs, balconies and restaurants, the retractable roof system creates a large pavilioned space free of structures and poles.

Download brochure (PDF 373KB)

Stratos I

Big brother to the ECO the Stratos 1 can span larger widths and achieve larger projections. Multiple colour options and the addition of Selectapitch gives you the versatility to change the angle at anytime.

Download brochure (PDF 170KB)

Stratos III

With the same capacities as the Stratos 1, the Stratos 3 runs an elegant front rail and extruded headbox making it a semi-cassette. Beautiful in its profiling it’s a very popular choice for the astute buyer.

Download brochure (PDF 170KB)


The Toga is a contemporary semi cassette awning that has to be the pick of semi cassettes available in Australia. German deisgned and engineered it’s the choice of our Managing Director putting one on his own home.

Download brochure (PDF 215KB)


The Discus is a stylish, full cassette folding arm awning. The awning uses high-grade materials of uncompromising quality designed for more demanding residential and commercial applications. The streamline system enables a compact installation whilst providing optimal protection for the fabric and operating mechanism against dirt, rain and humidity.

Download brochure (PDF 447KB)

Australia System

The Australia folding arm awning is a versatile median priced unit packed with features. These are a great awning with good life span of 20 + years.

It is constructed around a 40mm x 40mm galvanised square bar and has a streamlined heavy duty aluminium front rail. Its arms are constructed from extruded aluminium and is tensioned via stainless steel arms chains.

The awning comes as a fixed pitch (installer adjustable) or operator-adjustable pitch control where the user can vary the angle from 5 degrees – 60 degrees simply by rotating a crank handle. Arm tension rating is 15 kg.

The unit comes with an optional extendable front valances or vario valance as commonly known. Once the awning is extended, the valance can be wound down for increased protection.

Australias come in projections from 1600mm up to 3600mm and by way of a special joining feature the awning can almost span any width. Its standard framework colours are white, ivory and grey however this unit can be powdercoated to any colour in the Dulux colour spectrum.

Its mounting postions are almost endless with a wide variety of fixing brackets available and of course we custom build mountings to suit individual strcutures. We apply a custom folded colourbond steel cover as a sleek pelmet option to protect the unit when retracted.

Download brochure (PDF 1.6MB)

Armony Plus

This is a full cassette system. Cassette meaning when the awning is fully retracted you only see a capsule rather than the working mechanism of the awning.

Armony plus is a very sleek looking unit and is priced on the higher end of the price scale. It is a high quality unit with an expected life span of over 20 years.

It is constructed from extruded aluminium and sports a galvanised roller tube. Its standard colour choice is white with the ability to powdercoat to any colour in the Dulux colour spectrum.

The Armony comes in projections from 1600mm up to 3600mm and uses the same arms as the Australia system. It is Italian born and imported and carries a 5 year warranty. It has a maximum width of 7m and with the new hood profile it seals the unit against the mounting position for a tight seal against the elements.

They can be manually operated or remote controlled for ease of use and and suits most mounting applications including marine enviornments.

Download brochure (PDF 163KB)


The Palladio is an Italian semi cassette folding arm awning that comes in a wide variety of colour options.

Download brochure (PDF 278KB)


The 20/20 open style folding arm awning offers customers a compact awning without compromising on size ability. With its top mounted roller tube it has a minimal standout when retracted.

Download brochure (PDF 52KB)


The Cantina folding arm awning is an entry level product with some amazing strength capabilities for its price.

Cantina has projection of 2000mm up to 3000mm and a maximum width of 5850mm.

As per most folding arms its constructed around a 40 x 40mm galvanised square bar and has internal spring assembly for arm tension with and added gas strut sporting 750kpa of pressure to really push the fabric taught.

Framework colour is restricted to white only and due to its massive arm tension should only be motorised or manually operated by an Olympic strong man !

They come with a standard framework warranty of 2 years but have a life span of over 15 years.

They can be mounted in almost any position and the front rail has a built in gutter for water diversion.

Download brochure (PDF 341KB)


The Sienna open style folding arm awning is an Italian designed versatile awnining with full powdercoat options available. With variable pitch control the user can adjust the angle at anytime. This is a very popular median pried awning that is sure to last.

Download brochure (PDF 1.78MB)

Brustor B-35

The Brustor B-35 is a full cassette folding arm awning with compact dimentsions (200mm high x 182mm deep) that make it suitable for just about every situation.

With the choice of 150 colours, the B35 is a stylish and discrete unit which makes it ideal for either modern or traditional architecture. The arms use an integrated draw spring system which requires 4 stainless steel cables due to its superior tension.

The awning is operated by a motor - no manual option is available.

Download brochure (PDF 195KB)

Brustor B-50

The B-50 is a full cassette folding arm awning which is compact and sleek in design. Designed for smaller spans and projection its has a beautiful profile with full powdeercoat colour options.

More info coming soon

Download brochure (PDF 195KB)


More info coming soon.

Download brochure (PDF 129KB)


The Cabrera full cassette folding arm awning system sports the narrowest profile on the market. Designed for smaller spans and projection the Cabrera is a motorised only model that has end only mountings.

Cabrera XL

The Cabrera XL full cassette folding arm awning system sports the narrowest profile on the market. . Designed for smaller spans and projection the Cabrera XL is a motorised only model that due to heavy gauge internal journals in the extrusion is able to be mounted almost anywhere.

Download brochure (PDF 298KB)

FA Series

The array of customisation options available in the FA40 Series range offers a shade solution to suit any home or outdoor living space. These heavy duty folding arm awnings are engineered and manufactured in Sweden and are designed for terraces, bungalows, balconies, kiosks, shops, restaurants and more.

Models FA42, FA44, FA45, FA46 are available in Black, Silver and White.

Download brochure (PDF 1.93MB)

Cassita II

With its slim, purist design, the Cassita II is in perfect harmony with modern home interior trends. Despite its ultra-slim design, the cassette is packed with a whole range of technological innovations.

The minimalist look of the two-point installation system underlines the contemporary design. Its dimensions make the Cassita II the ideal sun protection system for most patio sizes.

Download brochure (PDF 2.0MB)


When it comes to sun protection for larger social gatherings, weinor’s Duofix fabric shade roofing is the perfect solution. Different types of awnings can be fitted to both sides of the free-standing structure – choose from Opal Design/Lux, Topas with hood or Plaza Pro.

Download brochure (PDF 3.0MB)

2000 Series

The sturdy weinor awning with its support pipes can be used almost anywhere. As the decor on the front rail and the end caps suggest, the I/K 2000 tends towards a more traditional design. The optional LED light bar makes the awning part of any stylish evening. The N 2000 is an awning designed especially for niche fixing. With it’s unique flat front rail the awning disappears almost completely into the facade – with simple straight lines it is designed for a specific need, and is very common for installation above shop-fronts.

Download brochure (PDF 2.5MB)


The weinor Livona open awning shows more fabric than ever. The basis of the puristic, minimalist design is intelligent technology: an almost invisible carrier bar and particularly slim front profile. Up to a width of 6 metres the weinor Livona needs only two fixing brackets for a floating appearance.

On the LED version of the weinor Livona, the unique light rings on each end of the awning and the slim LED light bar emit a fascinating and warm LED light. The weinor Livona is available with or without the protective aluminium roof an in a wide range of options.

Download brochure (PDF 3.2MB)

Opal Design II

The new Opal Design II cassette awning stands out for its timeless, classic design hand in hand with groundbreaking weinor technology. Made to shade large areas, it blends in harmoniously with its surrounding architecture, the attractive shape of the cassette adding a sophisticated element. A wide range of tempting and practical optional extras make it easy to operate and wonderfully convenient while also extending its lifetime.

Download brochure (PDF 2.4MB)


The stylish side awning Paravento protects against inquisitive glances, sunlight and cool side winds. As a cost-effective solution, the lean but robust cassette can be mounted practically anywhere. The Paravento creates attractive highlights in combination with a state-of-the-art pattern from the weinor fabric collection. Special function fabrics provide privacy protection and allow an outside view during the day. Therefore, the Paravento is a flexible and elegant alternative to fixed elements such as fences, walls and hedges.

Download brochure (PDF 1.6MB)

PergoTex II

When it is open, it offers an open air feeling like being in a convertible and an unobstructed view to the starlit sky in the evening or at night. When it is closed, it protects against rain and provides sun and UV protection. Thus, you can use your patio in two ways. The elegant, high-quality self-supporting construction has been designed based on the proven weinor technology and it can easily withstand even high wind loads. The PVC awning material has a very high tensile strength, can be extended and retracted by means of a drive and, on request, is also available as a translucent, light-transmitting version – for a magic atmosphere on your patio.

Download brochure (PDF 7.4MB)


The Semina combines a fresh, youthful design with proven technology and reliable quality. The semi-cassette provides for safety, the safe protection of the fabric and technology and therefore also for an exceptionally long service life. The functions, look and profitability of the Semina have been systematically optimised and coordinated down to the very last detail. For a consistently intelligent solution made by weinor.

Download brochure (PDF 2.1MB)

Sottezza II

The elegant, attractive Sottezza II conservatory awning is used beneath the patio roof. The awning fabric will therefore come into its own, remain permanently attractive and the patio will have a cosier feeling. At the same time, it provides effective glare protection. As an under-mounted awning, the Sottezza II is especially suitable for patio roofs and conservatories, which guarantee an adequate air circulation and thus avert the formation of high temperatures due to their construction.

Download brochure (PDF 3.2MB)


The Topas is a classic entry-level awning for anyone wanting to save money without sacrificing quality. Its uncomplicated technology makes it stable and wind-resistant. When open, the awning stands out for its extreme flexibility: with or without a waterproof top profile, it can be installed in various ways to fit into all kinds of different structural situations.

Download brochure (PDF 2.3MB)