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Clear PVC Blinds or Cafe Blinds

Rain, hail and wind that comes with Melbourne's variable weather will no longer be a problem in your outdoor alfresco area when you wind down your cafe blinds. These clear PVC blinds come in a wide variety of styles and mechanisms.

But clear PVC blinds are not just for eating establishments. They are also suitable for other gathering spaces open to the outdoors e.g. a veranda entertainment area at home or a community residence.

All blinds are custom built to suit your requirements.

We use only the highest quality materials and mechanisms to build your blind. Information about components often used in our projects is shown in the right hand column.

Even in simple projects, there is know-how involved. For example, with an integrated channel system the 'Channel it' system cups around the edges of the fabric for a totally sealed opening giving the blind extra strength.

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We are experts in 'customised works' within the blind and awnings industry. Many competitors regularly use our service for shade solutions and advice for their own projects.

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In this section we list some manufacturers whose products we have used very successfully in various applications.

Under each tab, we have included downloadable pdfs of the products for your information.

However, browsing the large number of options can be confusing.

We can help you choose.

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Side Channel Awning Systems

Channel IT

As heavy as it gets! The Channel IT is as tuff as we can make em! The heaviest duty alfresco blind there is. It has multiple head box options and can be motorised or crank operated. Ideal for wide spans and larger drops the fabric is cupped by an aluminium side channel thus allowing the fabric to expand and contract with changing temperatures without pulling on side tapes or zips. A very popular option very well priced.

Download Channel IT Brochure (PDF 174KB)

Channel X

The baby brother to the Channel IT is suited for narrower openings.

Download Channel X Brochure (PDF 323KB)


The E-zip is a vertical screen system ideally suited for Alfresco enclosures that can be motorised, Crank operated or fast action spring system. It incorporates an integrated side channel system with locks the fabric into the sides via a slimline zipper system. With multiple headbox options and full powder coat options available it suits a majority of external applications.

Marine Grade Clear PVC


Easislip is a marine grade extruded clear PVC suitable for both blind and boat applications.

Download Easislip Brochure (PDF 2.0MB)

Cleaners & Protectors

HVG EasiClean and EasiGuard are products designed to clean and protect your clear PVC Easislip awning

Download Brochure(PDF 373KB)

SunScreen Cafe Blinds

The slide track is a versatile vertical screen blind which incorporates a side channel which the side spline locks into. Multiple head box options and a variety of available fixing options make the Slidetrack fit almost anywhere. It can be motorised, crank operated or spring loaded and is a great way to enclose your alfresco area or shade a window for high wind areas. Full powdercoat options available.

Download Slidetrack Brochure (PDF 340KB)


Best suited for smaller openings the Ziptrack uses an aluminium side channel to lock the fabric in place. With multiple headboxes and full powdercoat options the Ziptrack can be motorised, or spring loaded.

Download Slidetrack Brochure (PDF 2.4MB)