Weinor Open Style Awnings from Undercover Blinds

Weinor Open Style Awnings from Undercover Blinds

Topas – High on quality, low on budget – the Weinor Topas open style awning is the perfect model to get you started.

Maximum Width:

  • 1 section awning, 2 arms: 650cm.
  • 1 section awning, 3 arms: 700cm.
  • 2 section awning, 4 arms: 1200cm.

Maximum Projection Angle:

  • 400 cm for widths 601cm & above, 2 section awning, 4 arms.

The Topas awnings are available without a hood, making them especially suited for installation under balconies or protruding roofs, or with a ready-mounted aluminium hood for wall mounting in less well-shaded areas.

As it comes with several options, you’ll always find a matching Topas no matter the type of structure. The Topas open awning is very wind resistant, and when one of the many frame colours is combined with one of the beautiful fabrics it creates a perfect atmosphere.

For more information regarding Weinor Open Style Awnings from Undercover Blinds, visit www.undercoverblinds.com.au.

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