I/K/N 2000

I/K/N 2000

I/K/N 2000 – This proven classic cassette awning can be used virtually anywhere.

Available in 3 types: I2000 Open Cassette, K2000 Closed Cassette, and the N2000 for Niche Cassettes.

Awning Profile Dimensions (w x h): 200mm x 211mm; I/K2000 210mm x 180mm; N2000 + recess space req. 210mm x 197mm
Maximum Width: 7m – N2000 (1 x Sect.); 12m – I/K2000 (2 x Sect.)
Maximum Projection: 4m N2000; 4m I/K2000

With its niche fitting capabilities comes the highly functional N2000. With its unique flat front rail the awning disappears almost completely into the facade. The N2000 offers simple, minimalist style with crisp flush face mount. Truly an architects dream come true.

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