Custom Conservatory Awnings by Weinor from Undercover Blinds

Custom Conservatory Awnings by Weinor from Undercover Blinds

Custom Conservatory Awnings Add Class to Design

The Weinor company has been in the business of providing quality conservatory awnings and blinds to homeowners for a number of years. Products have been designed to blend in with the design of the building, providing a new line of sight for a conservatory roof or existing rooftop patio area.

Using Weinor conservatory awnings can add increased shade and promote cool air-flow throughout the home and under your pergola. Whether the intention is to create an outdoor conservatory or an addition to an existing patio, these retractable awnings have been built with care and the latest technology to provide quality sun protection.

Weinor doesn’t just sell conservatory blinds, Weinor manufactures them. This ensures quality control and installations which come from the highest knowledge about the products purchased.

Some key features in our conservatory awnings and conservatory blinds;

  • Designed to withstand heat and retractable.
  • Roof mounted for stability.
  • Shade all the way to the edge of the building.
  • Tested and proven extension and tension technology for nearly crease-free fabric.
  • Quiet and easy to run.

These conservatory awnings and blinds are built to withstand heat and have been created to be roof-mounted. With roof-mounted awnings, homeowners can prevent excessive heat, creating a pleasant environment immediately adjacent to their interior conservatories. It’s a place to relax in the cool and shade while interacting with anyone in the interior room via opened windows and doors.

The extension and tension technology built into the awnings has been tested thousands of times by the manufacturer prior to release to the consumer and offers superior quality as well as creating an awning fabric which remains almost crease-free. Conservatory awnings and blinds are quiet and easy to run, as well as passing strict wind testing conditions.

Create an instant patio with the addition of an awning, and if the privacy of an outdoor room is appealing, pair the awning with weinor accessories such as shade blinds for the sides.

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