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Shade Canopies in Melbourne

Protect your doorway from the sun and rain by installing a fixed aluminium frame covered with a range of different fabrics and colours.

With various shapes and styles including French, wedge, convex and Dutch hoods there is always a stylish design to suit your home or business entry.

Undercover Blinds are recognised leaders in the shade industry, offering specialised systems, motorised products and custom designs.

We specialise in protecting your house or business from the harsh Australian weather with our range of shade systems including:

Specialised Systems

We are recognised leaders in the shade industry, offering specialised systems, motorised products and custom designs.
We specialise in protecting your house or business from the harsh Australian weather with our range of shade systems including:
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Waterproof Retractable Roof Awnings

Undercover Blinds proudly supply a vast range of All Weather Retractable Roof System. The retractable roof system is a state of the art retractable roof lining that provides protection from the elements at the push of a button. It’s 100% waterproof fabric means that you can continue to entertain outdoors during the with winter months, while the optional wind and rain sensors allow for automated control even when you are not at home.
This European designed retractable roof range is made from architectural grade aluminium and stainless steel fixtures available in over 120 frame colours. The high quality construction and PVC fabrics mean you’ll enjoy a 5 year warranty and many great years of entertaining.
Add Lights to brighten up the night while entertaining in style!Roofing System Roofing System
Bistro Blinds this christmas

‘Tis the Season to Entertain Outdoors with Bistro Blinds

Have Yourself a Very Stylish Christmas with Bistro Blinds.

We all love a traditional Aussie Christmas and there is nothing more quintessentially Australian than hosting your nearest and dearest for a Christmas lunch or barbeque. Melbourne’s climate is unpredictable and can surprise us with everything from a “scorcher” to a summer shower, which is why outdoor blinds (particularly bistro or ‘ blinds) are the ideal solution.

Bistro blinds are a popular feature of restaurants and cafes, however households are increasingly turning to modern patio blinds and alfresco blind options to create an outdoor living area without the cost of building.

Imagine a wonderfully decorated outdoor area in which your Christmas tree, decorations and furniture remain immaculately arranged, whatever the weather.

Why Bistro Blinds?

Bistro blinds or Alfresco Blinds will protect you and your guests from harmful UV rays on sunny days, wind, rain and even annoying insects! Your plans to entertain should never be disrupted by the elements, so we have created these bistro blinds using high quality marine grade materials that are durable enough to endure season after season.

Aside from functional benefits, aesthetics are very important. People spend a lot of time and money creating a beautiful and comfortable home that reflects their personal style. Your outdoor living areas shouldn’t be an exception!

Undercover Blinds & Awnings  strive to offer a diverse range of material options, as well as optional features to customise your outdoor blinds and create the alfresco entertaining area you have always dreamed of.

Investing into a quality set of bistro blinds means your entertaining plans are covered all through the twelve days of Christmas and more importantly, all twelve months of the year.

Gift Yourself an Outdoor Sanctuary ’tis Season

Feel like you’re dining in an upscale restaurant or resort in your very own backyard, spend your days off relaxing with a good book or let the kids play with their Christmas presents in a safe and attractive outdoor area. With options of operation from Spring, crank operation and motorization, make the most of them, Bistro blinds will add value to your property and your lifestyle. Contact us today!


Roller Shutters- The Stay-Cool Summer Solution

We may love our “sunburnt country” but the great Aussie summer can lose its appeal when the air-conditioning starts increasing your electricity bill, your carpet and furniture start to fade and the dreaded bush-fire season commences.

We protect ourselves from the sun by using sunscreen and covering up, but you can’t exactly cover your windows with sunscreen. Well, technically you could, but it would be extremely messy and inefficient.  Gone are the days of flimsy plastic Venetian blinds with tangled cords and dust-gathering, and broken panels. Many owners of outdated blinds will testify to tying more knots than a sailor in attempt to tame these pesky messy (and dangerous) cords, not to mention that they offer an extremely limited color palette.

The good news is, there is a product that acts as a protective barrier, creates privacy and looks great on your home. The great Australian summer demands a superior product and Aluminium Roller Shutters are just that.


Motorised Electric Roller Shutters are an easily installed battery operated solution that you can control at the touch of a button. Aside from not being dependant on your home’s power, they can also save you up to 40% on cooling and heating costs because they are injected with a polyurethane foam which acts as an insulator. They offer privacy, security and even advanced features such as airflow and light control, bush-fire and storm protection as well as noise reduction.

Aluminium Roller Shutters offer you the opportunity to select the perfect color to suit your decor and create windows that look stylish inside and out. Moreover, the fact that you will save money on your electricity bill, sun damage repair or furniture/flooring replacement, means that you will have some extra cash up your sleeve to spend on other areas of your home. Perhaps some new home accessories or the ultimate cooling experience with a fancy fridge or even a swimming pool.

Summer is fast approaching and this is the perfect time to create a comfortable and stylish environment you’ll enjoy spending time in. Investing in some trendy roller shutters means enjoying your window view whether you’re looking out at your neighborhood or at your own windows from your backyard.

Imagine waking up in the morning, playing your favorite song and opening the blinds in your home from a hand-held control panel to let the sun in. Now THAT is a very cool way to start the day.

Visit our website for a glimpse at our fantastic range of roller shutters or contact us to request more information or an obligation-free measure and quote.

11 Times Aluminium Plantation Shutters Saved the Day

Shutters have definitely come a long way over the years! From a completely solid wood boarding used on the outside of windows, they’ve now become a must have designer item for the inside of the window.

Increasingly popular, aluminium plantation shutters deliver a sophisticated look that also delivers on functionality. Not only do they bring a touch of luxury to any room, plantation shutters are also private, safe and secure and also surprisingly easy to maintain.

There are countlesssituations where aluminium plantation shutters are the solution that will ‘save the day’ from a design perspective and also functionally. Here are just a few of the best

1. In A Period Style Home: Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Whether your home is a cottage, farm-house, French Provincial, Edwardian, Federation or even California Bungalow, aluminium plantation shutters will only add to the charm of your home from the inside and out. Many home owners might opt for heavy drapes, but you don’t need to settle for the fussiness of curtains with pelmets and tie backs to keep the look in character if you choose plantation shutters. Some of the more modern window treatments like venetians or roller blinds often look out of place in period homes, so rest assured plantation shutters will be truer to the period the home was built while also combining with more contemporary furnishings if that is how the interior is decorated.Plantation Shutters California Bungalow

2. In A Contemporary Home: Aluminium Plantation Shutters

It sounds unusual that a window treatment can be equally at home in a modern new build as it is in a 100 year old home, but plantation shutters are probably the only item that can claim this! Their straight clean lines are minimalist, so will appeal to those who want window treatments that don’t dominate the room, which can often happen with drapes.

If your home is beachy, ultra-modern, Hamptons-style or even a relatively new build that is starting to look dated, you will find aluminium plantation shutters can deliver that fresh and breezy contemporary feel we all love.Contemporary Aluminium Plantation Shutters

3. For Oddly Shaped Windows: Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Round windows, arches and other somewhat artistic styles of windows are great at adding character to your home. But they can also pose challenges when looking at window treatments, after all you want to celebrate the style of window and enhance it, rather than completely cover it. Because plantation shutters can be completely customised to the exact size and shape of any window, they are a great solution for those quirky spaces you may have been scratching your head about.Aluminium Plantation Shutters

4. When You Need Light But Want Privacy From Prying Eyes: Aluminium Plantation Shutters

A bright and light-filled home is what most of us are looking to achieve, but sometimes the edges of curtains, romans or other blinds can block a lot of the light. Not to mention that when some window treatments are open there is no protection from the eyes of anyone wandering past!

Aluminium plantation shutters only need a slight tilt of the louvres upwards or downwards to allow in plenty of light while also blocking the view into your home. You can also shut off the bottom half of the shutters while leaving the top half open, so only the very top of your room is visible.  Creeping passers-by and nosy neighbours will be stopped in their tracks!

Aluminium Plantation Shutters Bathroom

5. To Let The Breeze In While Providing Seclusion: Aluminium Plantation Shutters

If it’s more a cooling breeze on a warm summer’s day you’re after, aluminium plantation shutters will mean drapes or sheers don’t flap about in the wind. Position the louvres at the perfect angle and you can still catch breeze and block out the view into your home. Just close your eyes and that tropical island feeling is yours with plantation shutters!

Outdoor Plantation Shutters

6.For Outdoor Screening: Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Using weatherproof aluminium plantation shutters means you can extend the luxe look to your outdoor living area with materials that are strong enough to withstand the elements. The possibilities are endless when it comes to screening your verandah or patio from view of your neighbours or from a blustery wind with plantation shutters. You can even use them as a disguise to hide away a utility you’d rather not see, like air conditioning unit, pool filters or hot water system.

Again you can adjust the louvres to bring in more or less light, perfect for protecting an evening meal on the balcony from the blinding western sun. You’ll soon be enjoying the resort style vibe with aluminium plantation shutters!

Plantation shutters hide aircon unit

7. For A Long Lasting Solution: Aluminium Plantation Shutters

We touched on the toughness of aluminium plantation shutters above, but longevity is so important in more ways than one. Aluminium is an ideal choice of material for plantation shutters because it provides the same look but with no fading, peeling or warping, which is particularly important if the shutters will be outdoors. They are resistant to damage and so can handle a bit heavy handedness from your visitors opening or closing them.

Aluminium plantation shutters will also last many years aesthetically due to their timeless look, which we think is just as important as durability. A durable product that looks dated in years to come will only become an eyesore, so it’s important to install something that will look just as good as it functions in years to come. The best thing about plantation shutters is that it will be hard to pinpoint an exact date they became fashionable, which means they can quite rightfully be referred to as a classic.

plantation shutters

8. To Add Value To Your Home: Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Because plantation shutters are so universally popular, timeless and highly valued by property hunters, they do add significant value to the home. Buyers will know you have cared for your home when they see you have chosen to invest in the window treatments. The fact that popular renovating for profit guru Cherie Barber recommends plantation shutters for all except very low-end renovations confirms that they are a smart investment. Aluminium plantation shutters add the wow factor many buyers are looking for, and anyone looking to sell in the near or far future would be wise to take advantage of any potential to create a bidding war!

Plantation Shutters screening

9. In A Child’s Room: Aluminium Plantation Shutters

When it comes to children, safety is number one. With no dangling cords to speak of, plantation shutters are a safer option than any other window treatment. Unfortunately, even with safety improvements and cord holders being installed, children are still at risk with fatalities reported each year due to window treatments. You can never be too careful, and doing away with cords altogether is wise.

Also, because they offer an imposing visual seen from the street, your home will be perceived by burglars as more difficult to break into. Anything that makes your home look more unappealing to burglars is a plus!plantation shutters kids bedroom

10. For An Easy Clean Solution: Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Aluminium plantation shutters won’t absorb dirt and stains like curtains and blinds will. Sometimes curtains can only be deep-cleaned by removing and dry-cleaning them, whereas aluminium plantation shutters just need a quick wipe down to remove any dust or strange kitchen spills (believe us – they do happen!). Which is great news for those will allergies, as window treatments are a common haven for dust mites.Aluminium Plantation Shutters

11. When You Don’t Like Your Windows: Aluminium Plantation Shutters

The wrong colour, style or format of your windows can cause headaches when trying to create a stylish interior. When your windows still function well, replacement usually isn’t an option. But luckily there is plenty you can do to disguise them inside and out!

With aluminium plantation shutters, you can completely cover your windows so the frames are practically invisible, while still allowing in plenty of light. The view from the outside will also be much more appealing, due to the scale and lightness of the plantation shutters overtaking from the ugliness of the window frames. Your windows will become completely unrecognisable!Plantation Shutters Bedroom

So you can see, we love how versatile aluminium plantation shutters are – they really are a great solution for so many homes and windows!

Whatever your situation, we have to agree that plantation shutters are really one of the most aesthetically appealing and functional window treatments. Everyone who installs them agrees it was the best decision they could have made.

If you’d like a free measure and quote, please contact us today.

Yes, You Can Entertain Outdoors In A Melbourne Winter With Alfresco Blinds

Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you should forgo your outdoor dining. Alfresco blinds in Melbourne make it possible for you to dine outdoors, any time of the year.

Whether you entertain on your deck or patio, your outdoor space is an asset to your home. Decks and patios are protected by the sun’s rays thanks to alfresco blinds in Melbourne. Such shaded spots then make it possible for you to accommodate family and friends.

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