Do you find yourself hibernating indoors in the winter while your beautiful alfresco area sits abandoned?

We can change this for you and ensure you can enjoy your outdoor living area all year round. Our industry leading, Locally designed, made and manufactured Solare Verticali side channel blinds are designed specifically to offer maximum wind and rain resistance, keeping you warm and dry in the cooler months whilst also maximizing your privacy and allowing airflow through the summer.

Who is the Solare Verticali Designed for?

The Solare Verticali is the perfect blind for most alfrseco and outdoor living applications. It incorporates an adjustable side channel which enables seamless installation even in out of square openings.

What Colours can I have my beautiful new Solare Verticali in?

With all mill extrusions the sky is the absolute limit when it comes to colour choice and finishes. There are hundreds of colours and even textured finishes available using a durable polyester thermosetting powdercoat.

What Fabric Options are available?

To maximise the performance of your solare verticali we recommend selecting one of our high quality poly cotton mesh fabrics. Our mesh comes in over 100 colours and we are confident we have the perfect colour to compliment your outdoor living space. From the ever popular monument grey to a bold and brilliant red, we have a solution for you.

What about clear PVC?

Dimensionally stable clear PVC can also be used in most instances ( Size and application dependant, talk to our experts for more info)

Is the Solare Verticali alfresco blind waterproof and wind resistant?

Our industry leading, top quality poly cotton mesh is of the highest grade in water resistance. Our mesh will sheild you from the winter rain. You will find only very minimal water will seep through and roll down the poly cotton mesh. This gives you the perfect all rounder, rain protection in the winter and airflow in the summer.

Our Solare Verticali is also the most wind resistant on the market. This blind is Locally Designed, Made and Manufactured. We have taken the Aussie elements into account when mastering the Solare Verticali to ensure you can enjoy your outdoor space all year round.

Can my blind be motorised or operated manually?

The Solare Verticali gives you the option of either manual or motorised operation. From as little as $400.00 per blind you can enjoy the luxury of push button motorisation with an entry level motor. For only a fraction more you can have a high quality European motor giving plenty of control options, including remote, smart phone, voice comand and smart home intergration.

The Solare Verticali can also simply be opperated manually. Simply insert the crank handle into the drive shaft and turn with ease to raise and lower your blind. The Solare Verticali also allows you to stop the blind at any point without having to muck around with locking the blind in at a certain height or locking the blind off with clips.

How big can the alfresco blind be?

The Solare Verticali hase been designed, created, made and manufactured right here in Aus with our love of wide open spaces and outdoor entertaining in mind. This is why our Solare Verticali is an industry leader in side channel blinds as it allows much larger spans across openings. This blind offers a max width of 6.0M. * Conditions apply

How much does a Solare Verticali Side Channel blind cost?

All our blinds are custom made with your exact applcation in mind. All our pricing depends on a number of aspects including – size, fabric selection and manual or motorised operation. Our blinds are all built to a standard not a price and our passion is to give you the perfect blind solution that ticks all the boxes on practicality whilst also lining up perfectly with your specific design

To give you a bit of an idea –  for an average opening you would be looking at around $1500.00 per blind. Please note, all pricing is an estimate and is based on site unseen.

If you like what you see, or simply would like some more information, talk to one of our expert team today.

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