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Folding arm awnings

Folding Arm Awnings- Your Entertaining Plans Covered.

We all know Melbourne is famous for its unpredictable weather. From harsh sunshine to sudden rainfall, it’s not unusual to go through four seasons in a single day.

Installing Folding Arm Awnings can provide the ultimate protection you need from the Australian sun. Being fully retractable, these are highly sought after solutions for any shading concerns and offers the following benefits.

Handle the Heat- Folding Arm Awnings for UV Protection

Folding Arm Awnings will protect from the sun when needed and neatly fold away if no longer required. Building permanent outdoor structures is costly and space-consuming, hence retractable awnings are a superior solution that offers more flexibility and maximises your space. Whether you are covering a single window or an entire deck, folding arm awnings are custom made and can be built in sizes up to 18 meters wide and 5 meters in projection.

Let it Rain- Outdoor Retractable Awnings

Outdoor Awnings are made of extremely durable materials that are designed to withstand some light summer rain, so your entertaining can continue uninterrupted. Window Awnings are also handy as they protect your rooms from sun damage while allowing you to let some fresh air into your home. Both have a variable pitch control options so you can alter the angle (height) of your moisture resistant awning at any time to suit your requirements and keep out the raindrops.

European Engineered- World Class Window Awnings in Australia

Undercover Blinds offers a wide range of manufacturers and solutions for all of your requests and needs. As part our extensive program, we are proud to be official distributors of Turnils and Aluxor Retractable Awnings. Turnils have combined European quality and Swedish design for state of the art engineering of Folding Arm Awnings. Their innovative features include the lightweight, yet durable Dyneema® tape which is used on awning joints for superior strength and resistance to moisture and UV.

Aluxor is another European product that is receiving rave reviews in Australia. These modern awnings are designed in Germany and perfected in every aspect from the performance of hardware elements to fabrics with self-cleaning properties. It’s safe to say that Aluxor and Turnils are the Mercedes Benz of the Folding Arm Awning segment.

Electronic Window Awnings- Covered with the Click of a Button

These Retractable Awnings can be motorised or manually operated. They can also be installed with motion sensors, wind sensors, sun sensors, timers or connection to c-bus to make your system fully automated. For an added “Wow factor”, manufacturers such as Aluxor and Turnils also create awnings with incorporated LED lighting. The transition from open-roof to undercover is as easy as skipping a song on your music player.

Retractable awnings are the modern solution for simple, tidy and reliable shelter all year long. The best part? You can make them emerge or disappear whenever you please (unlike some of the guests that you’ll be hosting).

Discover Folding Arm Awnings and enjoy your outdoor entertaining area- light rain, or sun shine!