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Why Window Awnings are Essential for an Aussie Summer

Why Window Awnings are Essential for an Aussie Summer

It has often been said that “windows are the eyes of a house” and we all know how a dazzling pair of eyes can leave a fantastic first impression and become something to fall in love with. Window awnings are a stylish addition that provide the functional benefits of blinds and outdoor structures, with an aesthetically superior appearance and ideal potential for customisation.

Just as you would select a pair of fabulous sunglasses to compliment your personal style, installing awnings above your windows provides a chic feature to the look of your home, as well as all-important benefits such as protection against UV rays. The Australian summer brings many hours of harsh sunlight and window awnings are the perfect solution to protect your home, carefully selected flooring and furniture from harmful rays and spontaneous summer showers.

Unlike lower quality external blinds and outdoor roller blinds offered by less reputable manufacturers, our External Blind & awning range is constructed with high quality materials made to last. For example, some units use aluminum components to prevent rusting and unsightly stains that can damage your valued home. This is exceptionally important in areas such as Melbourne and Bayside areas, where the weather brings everything from heat waves to sporadic rainfall. Rain, hail or shine, your external window awnings must be durable enough to withstand it all and maintain a striking look.

Unpredictable weather and frequently changing schedules also create a need for flexibility. You don’t always need to wear your fantastic pair of designer frames and in the same way, awnings don’t need to be permanently set up.

The advantage of retractable awning designs such as our folding arm awnings is that they can provide protection when required and be neatly folded away when you don’t need them. Some days you may feel like sitting in a sunbathed living area, while others call for a sanctuary from the Australia sun, our awnings allow for both.

For home owners who appreciate a true fusion of convenience and style, there is also the option of motorizing awnings and even installing sensors and timers to make a fully automated system for folding arm awnings covering larger areas.

Undercover Blinds & Awnings creates fully customized window awnings, so that you can find a set of amazing awnings that will look great and serve your needs throughout the summer and all year long.